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Andrew McKay & Carole Etherton

Andrew and Carole live on the Gower Peninsula outside Swansea, South Wales. Both are accomplished singers and instrumentalists, Andrew having played the obscure Crane Duet concertina for more years than he cares to, or possibly can, remember.  Carole, who plays a range of early woodwind instruments, was also a resident singer at several folk clubs in her native Sussex.  Before joining forces, they performed solo and with different shanty groups at folk clubs and festivals in Britain, Continental Europe and the United States.


Now as a duo, they have continued to take their interpretation of the songs they enjoy to a wide audience, having added Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to the list.  They have a growing reputation not only as performers but also as writers of songs which are often assumed to be traditional, and which are being taken up and recorded by other singers, not just in the UK but around the world.  Their song-writing has been described as ‘reminiscent of Rudyard Kipling and C Fox Smith’ with the added bonus that they ‘do all the tunes themselves’.  Most of their songs have choruses, and they do like it when people join in.

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Janie Meneely's article on Andrew, Carole and writing songs based on local history and heritage - The Living Tradition Issue 122 (Feb/Mar 2018)

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