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Our Songbook

Book is £7.99 (plus £1.76 p&p - UK mainland only)
Overseas shipping - please ask

Copper, Cockles and Inklemakers

New Songs of Old Times

Our songbook is now available, with over 50 of our own songs.  A4 sized, spiral-bound, with each song spread over 2 pages.  Melody-line notation (change the key to suit your voice), sorry no guitar chords because - well, there wouldn't be, would there? Full lyrics as they were when we compiled the book (they do tend to change slightly with time) and notes on the historical background and inspiration for each song. 

Copper was the foundation of Swansea's prosperity, and the basis of the modern world as we know it.  Cockles were one of the local resources from which Gower people made their living. And 'Inklemakers'? It's a Gower dialect word for 'busy people', which we all are.

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